2014-Ryan-Perkins01A2014-Ryan-Perkins02B2014-Ryan-Perkins03B2014-Ryan-Perkins04B2014-Ryan-Perkins06B2014-Ryan-Perkins-Library_32014-Ryan-Perkins-Library_6“Wild Buffalo Dance”

There is a land and there is not. There is a people, a you, a me, and our actions, and there isn’t. Crush the cryptozoological crust and it comes back, and it doesn’t. A newborn planet’s empty black aura becomes a hundred miles of atmosphere and rains and hails and hurricanes, and doesn’t. The tiny constituent parts of everything orbit and churn, and they don’t. I hope you didn’t expect an answer here, honey—because even though I have it, I don’t.

The Lonesome Lightbox Boys

A show of drawings, paintings and animation at the Salt Lake City Library in November, 2014. With my pal, Max Kelly. Featuring a few of the Western deities of my imagination, dancing various dances of purpose: Development, The Dunce, The Artist, The Carpenter, and The Wild Buffalo Woman.